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The intersection where sweat, motivation, and fun collide.

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Small Group Training in Downtown Madison

Small Group Training is the intersection where sweat, motivation, and fun collide. Our energetic and varied small group training sessions are not to be confused with traditional fitness classes. We limit our group size, so our trainers can focus on personally instructing you to be your best. You won’t get lost in a crowd.

All Small Group sessions offer a personalized and encouraging environment where our trainers are helping you to achieve your goal and your pace. We will recommend the right mix of session types to help you realize your goal as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Why Small Group Training?

Share the Love

Share the personal training experience - and cost.

Motivation & Inspiration

Sometimes working out with others is just more fun! Feed off the energy of the group to achieve more.

Session Variety

Session Variety - Schedule any time that's convenient for the workout that you want. Strength, cardio, HIIT, flexibility, core strength - and that's just the start of it!

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